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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 31 December 2006
SNOOKS MOTORSPORT is the website of the Snooks family of Darryn, Justyn, Steuart and Tom.
It has been established to record the motor sport activities of the family. 
Tom’s involvement in the sport from 1964 which blossomed from navigating at a modest level in events, to organising and promoting events to the highest level in the country.
Steuart became active in the sport in the early eighties, followed by Darryn in 1987 and Justyn in 1989. All the latter three have navigated and driven in rallies, and Justyn has developed into the preparer and builder of rally cars. Their profiles are listed here on the website.


  bega rally slide

Bega Rally 2006 

Currently, SNOOKS MOTORSPORT is involved with Classic Car Rallying, covering the era from 1970 to 1981.
It’s main objectives are: 
      To relive the ‘Golden Era’ of rallying (ie: the 1970-1981 period) preparing and running cars of that era in selected rallies under the Classic Rally Car Association initiative, which allows cars from a bygone, but very popular era of rallying, to once again give pleasure to ralliasts by producing the sounds of yesteryear and ‘sideways’ driving. As the old saying goes ….’turn the music off and the spectators will stay away; turn the music on and the spectators will come out………..’; and not only spectators of course, but the crews that prepare, man and service the cars!


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